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Jul 18, 2019

When a potential couple reaches out regarding wedding documentary coverage, I strive to connect with them to make sure that we are a great fit, both in style and personality. On your special day, your photographer will be with you, in close range, the most of all of the vendors you hire and trust. It’s for that reason that I make sure that my couples are my ideal couples, with whom I have a great connection, similar lifestyle and who like to think out of the box and go on the adventure. When we connect and have fun together, it resonates in the images. When I am able to connect deeply with them, both in the way that I truly care for how their portraits convey their personalities and engagement together, then I am able to create that intimacy that my guests love so much.

I was honoured when Kelsey and Kale chose me for their wedding date to capture their love for each other and their loved ones as they celebrate their nuptials. In fact, they even changed the date they had booked to accommodate my busy wedding season next year! The original date we chose for their engagement session got rained out, and while that can be so disappointing, it always works better in the end if you go with the flow. In this case, we ended up forgoing our original location and found this incredible spot to make magic happen.

If you or a dear friend are engaged and looking for a truly caring wedding photographer, I would absolutely love to chat with you about how we can work together.

Love and light, Melissa

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